Alexandra Breckenridge on That Virgin River Cliffhanger

Virgin River is back, and it may have truly outdone itself. 

The Netflix drama has returned for season three, and once again it ends on a shocking note, even if no one’s in danger of dying (at least, we hope not). In fact, this cliffhanger might actually have much bigger ramifications than Jack (Martin Henderson) being shot in his kitchen, depending on the directions the writers decide to take this in. Season four (assuming there is one) is going to either be really sweet or really weird. 

Basically, Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) is pregnant, and the father is either Jack or her dead husband. She and Jack briefly broke up in the middle of the season, and it sent Mel running to LA and the clinic where her dead husband’s frozen sperm were being kept. It wasn’t entirely clear if she went through with it until that finale admission, and now we’re genuinely wondering about Mel’s sanity and wellbeing. 

“She wants a baby so badly that she goes to the fertility clinic and gets inseminated with her dead husband’s sperm,” Breckenridge reiterated to E! News. “That’s a huge thing for a person to go and do.” 

You can say that again.