A Guide to All the Fall TV Premiere Dates

TV’s fall premiere dates are here, and it really does feel like nature is healing. 

ABC, CBS, NBC and the CW have all released their fall premiere schedules, and most of the broadcast shows are back to premiering in September and October. Hopefully, if all goes well these next few months, we might not even have to watch characters speak dialogue through masks! TV, at least, might look normal once again. 

But of course, unlike the last time the broadcast networks had a normal schedule, there are now twice as many streaming services and a whole bunch of new shows to compete with, so if you’re good at picking and choosing your television shows, you’ve got a whole world to pick and choose from. If you’re one of those people (*raises hand*) who watches everything, we wish you all the luck with finding time to do literally anything else. Your August, September and October are about to be real busy.