8 Best Ice Globes For Your Face: Ice Globe Face Benefits

Of all the interesting beauty hacks I’ve come across on social media, icing your face (i.e., running an ice cube across your skin to reduce puffiness) is by far one of the most intriguing. Did I immediately run to my freezer to test the trend upon discovering it? You bet I did. And spoiler: It actually makes a difference. Fortunately, there’s an easier (read: less messy) way to experiment with this TikTok-favorite hack; it’s called ice globes. 

According to celebrity makeup artist and brand founder Jenny Patinkin, ice globes are an effective facial treatment as their “cold temperatures cause a vasoconstriction response in the skin, causing the blood vessels to shut off as your muscles contract around them.” In turn, she says this helps to instantly depuff skin, reduce redness, and give it a tighter, brighter, and fresher appearance. 

Patinkin insists you can use an ice globe as often as your heart desires. “Although, it’s great to use it first thing in the morning on clean, dry skin to help you wake up and depuff,” she says. “It’s also great when you’re getting ready to go out and know you will be having your photo taken.

As for the application process, Patinkin notes that you can use your ice globes over your other favorite skincare products (i.e., serums and moisturizers) to help the tools glide easier. Just know that because of their cold temperature the globes won’t be able to help with product absorption as some brands claim.

Your daily beauty routine is about to get so relaxing. Below, find the eight best ice globes to incorporate into your regimen.