4 Trendy Bikini Styles That Are in for 2021

Recently, in an attempt to make more room in our small Venice apartment, my fiancé and I decided it was time to get rid of some (okay, a lot of) stuff. He started with sneakers and old T-shirts, but for me, the first bridge to cross was my bikini collection taking up two overflowing drawers in my dresser. I’m not ashamed of my love for swimwear, but it’s true. I could probably get rid of a few things here and there. So as the summer started, I began to take note of the styles I was wearing and the ones that I, quite frankly, wasn’t even giving the time of day. And now, as we’re coming closer to the end of summer, I’m assessing my findings. To my surprise and my fiancé’s delight, there were a lot of suits that didn’t make the cut—whether they were too small, too big, worn out, or just plain not my style. Curious to see a few of the ones that I’m deeming worthy of keeping? Keep scrolling.