33 Best Slippers for Men in 2021: WFH Essentials from Birkenstock, Uniqlo, L.L.Bean, and More

In 2021, slippers are still (still!) doing extra duty. So the best slippers for men are more important than ever. It goes without saying they’re a WFH essential. But they’ll also keep your feet from the rude awakening that comes with stepping from the bed onto freezing floors. They’ll protect your toes every time you mosey out onto the patio to grab your 8th package delivery of the week. And they’ll help you feel like an adult—y’know, one who files his own taxes and meets various important deadlines—no matter what stage of groggy adolescence working from home has reverted you to.

See, well over a year into this uncertain era, we’ve arrived at a few unassailable truths:

Zoom meetings: even less productive and more exhausting than the in-person version.Never underestimate the power of a good chair.No matter how comfortable your daily uniform may be, it is weirdly tough to concentrate at work while barefoot.

We’re still waiting for science to explain why. But in the meantime, you can solve the problem. With a long, cold winter not too far around the bend, get yourself a pair of men’s slippers. In fact, given that you’ll be wearing them close to round-the-clock these days—not just on lazy weekends and after-hours—you might want to spring for a few good pairs. That’s right: a slipper rotation.

How many is up to you. Ditto on styles, because there is a wide—and wild-style supportive—variety. Whether you’re after something elegant and refined, or more of a comfy memory-foam-filled sleeping bag for your feet, we’ve rounded up 33 of the best slippers for men on the market. This winter, make sure you feel fully dressed, and fully confident, no matter how bad that Zoom meeting gets.

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