20 Editor Skincare Product Recommendations to Take Note Of

Ever since I became a beauty editor a year and a half ago, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about skincare, makeup, and hair. It’s been completely fascinating for me—especially when it comes to skincare. Who knew that someone who used to hate science class back in high school, would be into learning about how the skin works and different formulas and ingredients?

And as I’ve been learning more and more about the beauty world, I’ve had friends asking me about my favorite products. They want to know which products are actually overrated, which ones are totally worth it, and what’s under-the-radar, but amazing. It’s been fun sharing with them all the products I’ve tried and loved. I even found myself giving very detailed and enthusiastic odes to some select products that I’ve become so obsessed with. Seriously, after I went on and on about my favorite vitamin C serum, my friends looked at me very oddly (but thanked me for the rec, of course).

So since I’ve been so generous with my skincare suggestions with my friends, I’ve decided to share them with you all. These are the products that I’ll rec over and over again because they really work. Take a look below.