12 Best Everyday Bags of 2021, According to Fashion Experts

Picture this: you’re already running super late, and you have two seconds to get out the door. Which bag do you reach for? Is it your Prada Re-Nylon bag, or your Hermes Picotin carryall? Whatever the choice, there’s a reason behind it. Maybe it’s the interior pockets or the versatile colorway that makes it so reliable for your daily adventures—or perhaps that bag has a special historical context that just makes it feel that much more you. 

We’re getting to the bottom of what makes a truly great everyday bag, starting with the favorites that our team has tested, re-tested, and stuck with over time.

As you consider which might be your ideal morning-to-night, seven-day-a-week carryall, keep your lifestyle top of mind. Does your day at the office entail WFH-ing in a cashmere lounge set, or are you running to meetings all over town? Is a shoulder bag going to fit everything that you need between the hours of 9 and 5, or is a roomier crossbody more likely to do the trick? Our editors and stylists are spilling why these catchalls have become de facto bags of choice. Whether Gucci suits your sensibility or you’re a Chanel girl through and through, there’s an everyday bag for you ahead.