10 New Clothing Brands That Are Coming in Hot for 2021

Name one person who doesn’t enjoy uncovering a new fashion brand? I’ll wait… Even before I was a fashion editor, I would still get giddy about the prospect of finding something new, knowing not everyone would have it already, getting to see a brand really take off, and just generally supporting smaller businesses in an industry that’s dominated by big corporations. Now that I am an editor, though, I get to curate up-and-coming and niche brands and give them a platform at Who What Wear. It makes my heart sing.

We do a number of stories highlighting new brands to watch in this space and predicting which names will go on to be big. Well, now that 2021 is more than halfway over, a fact that I’m very much still processing, I thought it was only fitting to circle back with a status report on the new clothing brands that really have made their mark on 2021. While some of the names below are a few years old, others have made an impact right out of the gate (ahem, our very own namesake line). Ahead, discover the 10 names that are on the lips of editors, influencers, celebs, and everyone else this year and, of course, shop them too.