10 Best Color Correctors: Top Color-Correcting Makeup Products

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You dot your go-to concealer just below your eyes to get rid of any signs of dark shadows, only to find that it hasn’t concealed much of anything. No matter how many layers you apply, your dark circles and hyperpigmentation still seem to show through, making it look like you haven’t slept in over a week. Sure, you could opt for a full-coverage formula, but in our experience, these tend to settle into fine lines, only enhancing their appearance. So, what’s the solution? Easy, it’s all about investing in that little-known makeup essential known as the color corrector. 

Although they may look intimidating at first glance, color correctors are the makeup artist-approved secret to nailing a more even complexion (seriously, they’ve been around for decades). The reason lies in their unique formulas, which, as celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman points out, are similar to concealers but with one key difference. “Color correctors are like concealers, except they’re offered in a range of colors to help balance discoloration in the skin.” So while concealers help mask imperfections by matching your natural skin tone, color correctors neutralize or cancel out the color of a blemish, dark spot, or under eye shadow, thereby helping to reveal a more uniform complexion.